Coloring is my new meditation!

In this day and age of craziness and speedy expectations, it’s getting really challenging to relax and find that “me” time.  I mean that real, get lost in a book kind of me time.  The one where you look at the clouds and really just forget everything around you and are just present in that very moment.

I’ve tried really hard to meditate. Whilst I know it works wonders for some, I feel that there is too much noise around me for that.  Although, I love a bit of shavsana at yoga, I do tend to fall asleep!  (I wonder if everyone is asleep just pretending….?  mmm)

So on with the quest of really relaxing and low and behold what did I find in my local book store???  Only an adult coloring book next to a whole section of adult coloring books.  How have these been kept a secret from me?!

coloring book

As a kid, I hated coloring because people would tell me to “not colour outside of the lines”, “a tree isn’t pink!” etc.  Well no more, I tell you, no more!!!  This girl is going to get her creative on.

So not only do I get to relax in a meditative state with colours, paper and quite possibly a glass of wine or two, I will be creative in my own way.

I make my purchase….good choice I think, thinking wow this idea could really take off.

I go home and chat to the group, to my followers and my family about it.  Well, well well, its a whole world of adult coloring books out there!!  Listen to this!!….In France, the adult coloring books have over taken cook books!!  There are forums and groups and pages and websites dedicated to the task of relaxing into an adult coloring book shaving away the daily stress!  So to locate my fellow Adult Coloring Book lovers, I have arranged a meet up in the local bar in Whitby to see who is up for a giggle and a bit of “meditation”.  You can check out the event here

“Where are you going tonight dear?”  “Meditation!” Hehe

First rookie mistake I made…buying from a big box store.  Click the pics to check them out here on amazon a whole lot cheaper!!  These are my favourites so far.  You can also print off separate pages from printable websites and groups like this one.  Although im all about keeping them in a book, my house has enough paper cluttering up the place.

My next purchase!

This apparently is what all the cool kids are buying – according to the book store owner!

They are so funky!

Apparently my $1 markers wont cut it according to the experts! Not convinced yet, ill try it first!

….ok i’m addicted already Ill admit it!  Ill keep you posted on the levels of stress that start disappearing!  Happy coloring everyone!




6 thoughts on “Coloring is my new meditation!

  1. Christine says:

    I have been coloring for years with my kids and now my grandson. Sometimes I just color all by myself. It is very relaxing, plus you get a nice picture in the end. I have also started a Zen Tangle book of creations for 2015; very stress relieving.

    Liked by 1 person

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