Can you hold a pencil? Then you CAN be an artist


Aged 6 at school we had to sculpt a clay bird, my friend Susan Armour did it for me.  High school I wasn’t ‘shading enough’, when I got older; I wasn’t capturing the bowls ‘essence’. I HATED ART!  So many, many, many ok many more years passed and recently I have found that I CAN be an artist and that I DON’T hate art. How on earth did these creative opportunities pass me by you ask? Here’s how.

In so many crafty, artistic type of activities you need to have a ‘skill’, in so many areas of intelligence, maths (I also hate), science, languages etc. I have found that you just have to have the right teacher.

So….back to being a pretend artist….

FB was covered with photographs of artist show offs from these painting nights… used to drive me crazy until I found out that 99% of people who go to these nights CANT paint!

Easy step-by-step instruction like “dab your brush in yellow and do a squiggle on the canvas” and low and behold before you know it you have a masterpiece. The hubby and I signed up and check out below our brilliance! Not only did we create artistic masterpieces, we were allowed to go nuts and be creative and not be told off by the teacher for doing it “wrong” (although I’ve heard that with art there is no “wrong” – hear that art teacher of 1986?)


Anyway, so to keep you up to speed, I am now a galleried artist (in my home) and instead of trying to meditate (I always fall asleep) or going to yoga etc. My new “Zen” is coloring. Joining the craze of the new meditation…

So there I am thinking what a brilliant artist I could be and dreaming of how I could create a gallery masterpiece in my house to showcase to all my friends and looking in the local bookstore for inspiration I find this book!


Gorgeous adult style patterns you can get all creative with, not just your outline of a Disney princess!! A myriad of sheets so gorgeous that you would want to frame them. I purchase my first book and post on FB and within minutes friends from everywhere asking me to organize a Colouring Night for Grown Ups. So the birth of the How To Organize That Coloring Edition began and we are meeting monthly, we have a group here too! (oh and did I mention that we do it in a bar hic)

Recently, I was looking for my next fix of relaxation – who isn’t? I stumble upon my friend Jayne (also my belly dancing teacher but that’s another story) who not only colors too but does beautiful creations (could hang in a gallery type) and creates her OWN COLORING SHEETS!! BOOM! It’s called Zentangle


She told me that they actively encourage non artisty types to learn this method as not only are you doing an advanced form of doodling but its purposeful and is all zen like. Ok before you think I’m going all hippy on you…let me explain what Zen means in Zentangle. You become very engrossed making each pattern, deliberately focusing on “one stroke at a time”® It increases focus and productivity (that bit I REALLY do need).. there’s so much more, you can read all about its creation here.

Well I LOVE doodling and find it very relaxing and I too start to daydream and more often than not have had quite a few epiphanies whilst doodling away so why not have a try at this and put my new arty hat on…So I’ve created an event with a lovely Certified Zentangle Teacher called Deb Kopeschny, BA who has been teaching for 10 years and also studying to be an art therapist. Check out the event here!!! Blog readers can get a discount, use this code ZWELLA J


Wish me luck on my arty journey!

Did you discover you were a hidden artist/non-artist like me?


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