How to Organize….Cookies from your Neighbours!

Its Cookie season!!!!  Its the time of year for the excuse to fill your chops full of dried fruit and chocolatey dough goodness.  But wait…do you speak countless dollars in store for cookies?

Why not organize a cookie exchange?  My wonderfully organized friend Jennifer Berezowski set one up two years ago and since then…well its a beautiful part of our family’s Christmas Tradition.

We get at least 6 different sets of cookies for Christmas and all I have to do is 1 batch.  Genius!!!  Check out just a few sneak previews of this years

Every year I get asked how this works so off to the master I went.  Welcome our guest blogger this season Jennifer Berezowski!


How to Organize a Cookie Exchange

The Christmas season is coming upon us.  That means lots of Christmas parties and get together’s with our family and friends.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared with an assortment of goodies to serve or bring with you to these events?  Have you ever been involved in a Christmas Cookie or Goodie Exchange?  Have you ever wanted to put one on yourself?

 The idea is to get a group of friends to participate and either make a dozen of one item/per person participating or basically get the same amount in return as you submit.  I have organized one Christmas goodie exchange and would like to share with you on how I did that.  This will give you a starting point if you wish to organize one yourself.


Invite your favorite family, friends and neighbours who love to bake!

 1. Send an invite out to your friends and family and give them a deadline to get back to you on whether they are participating.  I started a Facebook group to include all members and to pinned a post with all the important dates to remember.

2. Once you have a list of all those wanting to participate, give them a deadline to decide what they are making to ensure no one is making the same item and to help them get the ball rolling.  On my Facebook group, I created a document with everyone’s names and their treat selection.

3. Let everyone know how many dozen goodies to make, if you choose to do a set amount per person participating.


One lot of mixing, one lot of baking tada!

4. Give everyone a date to have their goodies pre-packaged by the dozen to your home.  Ask that they have a label on each package with their name and recipe and any special instructions (i.e.. if it needs to stay refrigerated).  Choose a date early.


Simply use a plate or create fancy packaging (the dollerstore is pretty awesome for this!)

5. Store all items in a cool place/freezer/fridge while they are in your care.  Divide the goodies and put them in a bag to go back to each person participating.

6. Make arrangements to have the goodies picked up or dropped off the following day or week.


So many ideas on how to box the cookies, check out Pinterest

7. Like organizing any event, you must be prepared to be flexible.  Something may come up where someone may be late or have to drop out.  If someone drops out, just give everyone two of one of the items, so that they are not getting back what they brought.  If someone is late, just keep the group informed and let them know that they can choose to wait or get that one item at a later date.

I hope this helps for those interested.  Feel free to give any ideas you have on organizing an exchange in the comments

Thanks so much Jenn!


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