Take a look around, are you faced with some or all of your surfaces taken up with clutter?  Are you giving lots of items temporary “resting places”?

Homeless items turn into clutter and clutter attracts more clutter.  Your space deserves to have a ready to use feel.

Maybe your nightstand is packed with more than one book, reminding you of the “unread”.  Are your kitchen counters covered in appliances that are rarely used?  E.g. using your toaster once a day is still only 0.0034% of the day, it’s sat on a counter for 23 hours and 55 minutes being quite useless really.

While we feel like we are being proactive having our daily use items on the surfaces, it provides a cluttered space, not freeing up the space for its full “ready to use” factor.

Take just 30 minutes today and visit all the counters, relocate items immediately that are in temporary resting places. (Everything should have a place for it to “live”)…put the rest in a Deal with It, Donate or Dump box.

Be realistic with your time and attempt one area at a time, completing that area before moving on to the next.  You may not visit all surfaces and that’s ok…small steps towards big results!

When walking around your house: you will thank yourself for it, freeing up space, frees up time and frees up your household.

Happy De-Cluttering!

Ella Bates  YOUR Organizing Coach


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