Cleaning Materials

Firstly take ALL of your cleaning materials out from hiding, yes ALL the hiding spots…and place them all in one spot (be sure to place something absorbent underneath).

Place in the Dump It box; any material that is no longer of any use for example those dried up old dishwasher tablets hiding at the back.  If anything is all clogged up, simply it won’t dilute properly when you come to use it.


Put to one side all your favourite most utilized cleaning supplies.  Everything else either donate or dump it.  You may not feel ready to part with them, if so the rule of thumb is to store aside for 30 days (set a reminder!).  If you haven’t found the need to use them, the chances are you never will and it will be easier to discard for you.

We all want something that like magic makes everything sparkle clean and smell super fresh.  Do you know what you have in your cleaning products pile?  Do you know if there are expired?  Some products lose effectiveness in time by sitting on a shelf.  Ge rid of them.  They also have an expiration date ranging from 9 months to 2 years do you know what they are?  Check out the list in good housekeeping here.

Here are some safe tips to be able to dispose of your cleaning products safely.
Finally find containers to safely hold your cleaning materials to help you store them neatly.  Not only that you can take everything you need in one sweep!

Happy de-cluttering!

Ella Bates  YOUR Organizing Coach


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