The Junk Drawer

Admit it you have one, is it cunningly disguised as a box or a shelf?

Trust me its ok to have a “Junk Drawer” the important thing is that it holds ONLY “actionable items” (always in use).

As always empty the entire drawer and sort through to find the officially homeless items.  By homeless I mean; no designated place for them to live.  Look at those items and decide if they really are the “actionable items” that you should have on hand at all times?  Those are the only items that should be in the drawer.


Next, look to see if you are able to find all those items simply by opening the drawer, is the answer NO?  Then you need to utilize household items to organize the draw.

Sandwich Bags – use these to package up items such as batteries etc.

Small divider Baskets – you can find these at your local all-purpose store very cheaply.  If you don’t want to spend the money, you will find items you can repurpose around the house.  Here are some examples, use a small plastic container.  Use an old tea cup.  Your mission is to make all the items easy to locate at the time of action.

We often find in the ‘junk drawer’ items such as tape measures, coupons, old receipts, mini torches, sentimental items etc.  Ask yourself, should those homeless items have a special designated place of their own?  Do they belong in the junk drawer?  My client’s biggest pet peeve is the lack of pens in the house.  We often find that’s because there is not one designated place for pens and stationary and they are dotted around the house.  Can you create a “home’ for these items?  Have a one stop shop for all your stationary needs, your tools, your cords etc.

Reduce the amount of some items, we once found 8 torches in a client’s drawer as each time they went to find one they couldn’t remember where they were located so bought another.  Do you really need all those paper clips/hair elastics etc?

Remember clutter breeds clutter.  The junk drawer when over packed can create a feeling of guilt for it being the classic ‘dumping ground’.  You don’t deserve to feel guilt over any part of your house…Dump It, Donate It or Dump it!

Happy De-Cluttering!

Ella Bates  YOUR Organizing Coach


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