The Dreaded Car

Do you find yourself apologizing for the mess in your car?

Firstly, get yourself a large trash bag or the dump it box and have a great time disposing of all the discarded clutter napkins, empty juice boxes, broken cookies.

Remember that more trash and clutter will enter your car, its natural.  Be prepared for this, do you have a garbage catcher?  A grocery bag or an official car garbage container, you can pickup inexpensive options in your local all-purpose store.  Set up a routine for emptying it.  Is it on a Sunday night as you prepare for your week ahead?  The first thing you do to celebrate the weekend?


Your car is a classic catcher for coins, revel in the amount you find, you could possibly use that money to organize your car!

Tackle the things that you consistently like to have in your car.  Windshield washer fluid, gloves, bagged snacks for the children, spare coins for the grocery store.  Be sure to have a “designated” space for them, easy access.  Contain them, for example one tote for emergency supplies.  One tote for children’s items etc.  There are some fabulous items on the market for your car full organizers or trunk storage chests.

Everything else simply belongs in your living space in designated spaces.  Make for a more comfortable drive!

Happy De-Cluttering!

Ella Bates  YOUR Organizing Coach


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