Skincare & Makeup

Fashion Victim 2: Avant Garde Fashion

Be good to your skin, you wear it everyday!

These are two huge hoarder areas for most us as skin care and make up have versatile uses in different situations. But really, how many products do you have that sit un-used just simply festering and becoming useless in that time?

Take all the skin care products, and I mean all, the ones hiding in the bathroom, your purse, your gym bag, make up area etc.

Check expiration dates. Click here to see more, some may shock you e.g. Mascara 3 months, moisturizer 6 months to a year! Not sure of the exp date? Smell it, check it for change in texture, color etc. once exposed some products ingredients start to break down.

Ask yourself the last time you used it. I often find tanning cream in clients stash’s that hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year. Don’t be sad at the prospect of dumping them. The product served you at the time it was needed, awesome!

With make-up ask yourself if you like it? Do you take joy in wearing the cerise pink lipstick you once wore to match an outfit last year in wedding season? Did you buy it for Halloween? Do you have too light or dark foundation? Here’s a sneaky secret, if you mix them with concealer it can help to match your skin tone shhhh.

Are there full items you will never find use for? Offer them out to friends and family or donate on a local social media group.

For those wanting to simplify their collection, there are many beauty sets on the market which contain everything you need from All in One Kits like this to Makeup & Brush Sets. Lavish in simplicity!

It’s very liberating to gather everything in one place, you will often have revaluations of wondering why you own 6 brown lipsticks or 3 eyelash curlers….dump them, donate them, deal with them!

Happy De-Cluttering



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