IXXPeOR7Accessories seem to multiply and can be found in the unlikeliest places.  Gather them all together, yes all of them, in the darkness of your purse, your makeup bag etc.

Revel in the use of the dump it bin and toss all the broken, unusable, stretched out items.

Next organize into categories, clips, ties etc. organize simply, you can use drawer dividers or simply you zip tie sandwich bags! Get creative with what you have. One client of mine now houses her hair accessories in beautiful china teacups!

Reflect on your want or need to every use these again. Do you really want to use that fabric scrunch that faded in the years of owning it?  Does that wide belt even fit the loops of your current closet?

Did you wear all your hats, scarves gloves this year? Why not? Do you have various winter items that are simply looking pretty in your closet?

Can you see all your scarves easily? Or are they a big roll of decoration? Do you even know what you own? There are wonderful scarf hangers for closet click here. Or simply tie scarves around hangers and hang them in your cupboard to make them easy to find and a breeze to store.

Happy De-Cluttering Everyone!


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