Take all your shoes, yes all of them.  Those hiding under the bed, those in boxes, in your closet, in the mud room.

More often than not, we have shoes that are kept like a museum for their beauty or memories of where they were last worn.

This is where it starts to become challenging as we all knows shoes are not a cheap commodity in our closets.

Go through all the shoes and firstly dump all the shoes where they are broken beyond repair, practically talking to each other, broken heels, scuffed out beauty.  Badly smelling,not of purpose any more.

Now that’s done, take each pair of shoes and ask yourself, do these shoes deserve to take up prime real estate space in your house?

Take what is left and make sure you give them the space that they deserve, what I mean by that is placed where you can see them.  There are some wonderful shoe organizers out there like this, you can even buy clear shoe boxes!  If you want to preserve good shoes, you must box or bag them.  The key is to make sure you can find them when you are searching for the right shoe.

Take pride in what you wear on your feet, they take you to good places.


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