Your Freezer


You often find commonalities in my client’s freezers. There is the un-identified freezer meal lovingly prepared in the past. The random peas (it always seems to be peas!) and food stuck to the sides or back of the freezer. No more!

We are so very lucky that we are able to store food for months unlike our ancestors! Let’s appreciate the space and value the real estate it takes up.

Whilst in this process, if you find the food is sitting out of the freezer for more than ten min, although it will be ok you can simply place into a thermal bag or wrap it in layers of newspaper. Great trick when defrosting your freezer! It acts like a thermal bag insulating in the same way – or hours on end!

Take out your food item by item. If it’s un-identifiable ditch it! If it has grown extra ice, ditch it.  If it has bypassed the best before date according to this article then ditch it. More often than not the best before dates listed are due to taste factors rather than bacteria, always good to be in the know! Check out here for more details around expirations dates.

Place into 4 piles. Vegetables, meat and fish, goodies and frozen meals.  If you organize the items back into categories upon return into the freezer, it really does make a difference upon opening, especially when you are looking for meal inspiration.

The freezer generally sounds more daunting than it really is as a task. Treat yourself to a goodie after finishing, you deserve it!

Happy De-Cluttering

Ella Bates – Your Organizing Coach


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