A lot of the time my client’s will have a packed out fridge and I often ask them to list what they have to eat in there.  Let it be known that in North America we have the largest fridges compared to most other countries as we tend to fill fill fill them. This is the largest de-cluttering area for my clients next to closet!

Firstly, you will feel the need to clean so be armed with a large bowl with warm water and a cloth.

Get ready with your dump it box and be disciplined, as throwing away food is never an easy task!

Start with the fridge doors. Take out your condiments and firstly check for expiry dates..  Secondly check for how often you use this item and the smell it has when you open it. Is it taking up prime real estate in your fridge for any reason? Thirdly give the bottom a quick wipe over, they always are the main culprits for rings of food in the fridge. Wipe the shelves and return.

Next the fruit and veg areas. You will often find onion and garlic skin and reminents of random leaves.

Move along to the shelves and be disciplined and discard anything that has expired, looks..smells or has changed texture.  If you have time,  give the shelves categories, dairy, meat etc.

You will thank yourself for taking the time and being able to glance in the fridge and find things immediately! Make space for the scrumptious!

Happy De-Cluttering!
Ella Bates – Your Organizing Coach


One thought on “Fridge

  1. Heather says:

    Great reminder, Ella! To keep track of when I open condiment jars, I put a label on the lid of the jar with the date. After 2 or 3 months, if contents are not used up, out it goes.

    For condiment that you are unsure of keeping, don’t open and smell in case there are mould spores. They can be developing even without seeing mould.

    CFIA – food labeling info for expiry and best before dates:

    Storage chart listing of how long it is safe to keep food in fridge or freezer:


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