Have you ever been asked to donate non perishable food and you have found this easy to do, grabbing items you have no intention of eating?.

Have you ever looked in your pantry and realized there is nothing you want to eat?

Ask yourself why those food items are taking up precious real estate space in your pantry.

As with the freezer and fridge day, we have mentioned how tough it is to dump or donate food as we all too often hold the mentality of scarcity….’what if’ factor.

Remember there are food banks, neighbours etc who would be more than happy to take them from your hands and give your pantry back the true space to hold the delicious items you have every intention of eating.

Firstly take it all out, all of it and as you bring it out….dump the expired, donate the unwanted and put the others aside into categories.  I,e soups, vegetables, herbs and spices, baking, dried goods.  Give your pantry a wipe and replace the true food.

Releasing your pantry to show you truly what you need, truly what you desire and the truly scrumptious!

Happy De-Cluttering!
ELLA YOUR Organizing Coach


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