file0001924831000.jpgAre your medicines in the bathroom cabinet?  Did you know this is not the best place to store them?  Most meds should be kept in a cool dry area and your bathroom gets warm and damp….oops! Simply this decreases the effectiveness of the meds. Always double check the label, some should be kept in the fridge.

Take all your medications from ALL the various areas in the house including handbags and gym bags.

Dump the expired, not only do they decrease their effectiveness, but some truly become dangerous upon expiry.  Plus be mindful of how you dispose of them, check with your local pharmacy for most will take them and dispose for you.  Do not flush down the toilet, let’s not send these chemicals into our environment.

Store medicines high out of reach in one container and only keep what you intend to use!

Stay safe de-clutterers!
Ella Bates – Your Organizing Coach


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