file0001143950096.jpgPrint yourself off a calendar you can find one here Write down EVERYTHING you dedicate yourself to on a weekly basis each day.  Next schedule in what you WANT to fit into your busy schedule.

Schedule time for interruptions, don’t be the time nazi and block all your time. Block out realistic times for example the crazy hour your kids seem to have daily. Take 30 mins every-day to plot your day out adjusting with known obstacles etc.

Protect your time. If that’s your time blocked for painting your nails, making calls to clients. Place yourself in an area of productivity. Away from interruptions, your phone, kids, hubby, tv etc.
Now onto the dump it, deal with it.  Are you spending your time on what serves you and your household? Once you reflect maybe you will see that there are simply too many activities for the children or not enough down time. That you have 0 time for your relationships and friendships. Things that are meaningful for you. It’s ok to dump the weekly tea with a friend and make it bi-weekly. It’s ok to only volunteer at the school quarterly and not monthly. It’s ok that you don’t unload the dishwasher immediately afterwards. You hold the power over your time outside of the workplace.  Join our work life balance workshop on Wednesday check out the challenge page for how to register and find out more.
It’s easy to plan but are you planning smartly around what is important to you.

A few years ago I saw a friend who owned a part time business with what I can only described as a planner of beauty. It had accessories, stickers, extra to do sections, family sections, note pages. It was like planning on pretty steroids! I had to have one. Firstly know I’m a stationary geek and secondly I consider myself a productivity whizz. Having had some many projects on the go and been formerly trained in project management and effectiveness I knew this would be the tool I needed as a mom, a dedicated career woman, a wife and an entrepreneur this would be my new bible.

Planners come in many forms, the cork board, the calendar, the diary, the smartphone app the magnetic to do list on the fridge. Whatever it looks like you NEED one. You aren’t looking at this blog because you don’t need one, I am hearing that you want to be free from panic, stress, the wonder of what day it is!
Remember it’s impossible to clear off the to-do list altogether, it’s doing what is practical in the amount of free time you have.

Until Tomorrow Challengers.



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