Stationary seems to be one of those cluttering categories that seem to breed.  Have you ever wondered where to find a pen, to then find more than one in various places around the house?  Do you find that you have the “just in case” stationary?  Hole Punches, random ring binders, manuals you will never read?

Is stationary taking up valuable real estate in your house and do you have a fixed home for these items?  If the answer is no, then please create one.  Pens are by far the biggest clutter items that can be found lying around the house in various places.

Take all your stationary from everywhere, by everywhere I mean the ones lurking on end tables, in purses, in the car, junk drawer etc.

Decide to dump or donate the “just in case” stationary and those miscellaneous stationary items that were bought so well intentioned and are now just sitting ‘pretty’.

Take all the software manuals, and ask yourself….”could I find this information online if I needed it?”  Dump them, Dump them.

Do you have useless items, yes look far at the bottom of the box, there are always the broken pencil, waiting for the sharpener to turn up.  Are there unnecessary doubles?

Do you have the beautiful note paper ready for writing letters?  When did you last write a letter, when is your next intention to write a letter?  Free yourself from the guilt of not writing and pass on to someone that does.

We are doing a disservice to these useful items that are no longer of use to us, or have been simply collecting dust unused.

Free the stationary!

Happy de-cluttering.


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