Addressing the topic of sentimental items can be sensitive, a definite delicate area.  Why?  Because we cherish our memories.  The photos that are stored on our phones, our hard drives, flash drives, in scrap books etc..   For what ever reason, we have decided to savour this memory.  The question is, where do they deserve to be?

Is it possible to line the walls of our homes with frames?  Is it possible to put ALL the photographs that we own into a photo-album or to digitize them for de-clutterings sake?  Why are these photographs important to you, and if they are, why are they hidden away in a place collecting dust?

During this 30 day challenge, we can only spend time one value added task at a time.  So let’s address the quality of the photographs we keep first.

Take your photographs from one place, be it the hard copies, or on the smart phone, drive etc.  You want to spend time now dumping the following:  Similar photographs, the ones where you captured it a few times “just in case”, do you have photographs of people you don’t know, or people you don’t want to know? Poor quality photographs and Random images – do you even remember why you took the photograph of the back of your chip packet?

Whilst we have these wonderful tools i.e. digital cameras and smartphone capabilities.  Remember these items are taking you precious real estate space on those items.  Make them quality and of value to you in the future to look back on.  Question yourself, are you simply letting them collect dust or sit stagnant in the cloud?

Cherish the great memories and appreciate your time and all spaces!

Happy de-cluttering and reminiscing!


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