Cell Phones


Your cell phone holds more clutter than you probably know, in fact that clutter is slowing your productivity down enormously.  Let’s go check out what is happening on yours!

Do you have apps that were free but you don’t use them, are you keeping them “just in case”  are you letting them have prime real estate on your cell phone for a “just in case”?  More often than not, the i-cloud will remember your downloaded apps for you if you need them at a later date.  If not, simply move them to another screen.  Only have on the front screen what you use regularly.  Otherwise this is another cause of guilt, feeling of the need to “check”.

Also, another huge area of clutter on your phone is your photographs.  Hands up if it is taking up most of the storage area?  Take some time, a little here and a little there to spend time deleting the photos you have no intention on looking back on and get them downloaded, if they are important to you, they should be backed up.  You can even send your photographs through an app for a book to be made, use online web features, sometimes at low cost too!  Make a space as we have been throughout all of our areas, to store the important things.

Did you know that your messages take up an enormous amount of space too?  Do you need to keep all your messages from all time?

Just think we these simple tools, you can be more productive, faster.

Happy De-cluttering!


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