Social Media


Love your social media apps?  How often do you find yourself ignoring half of your irrelevant notifications and or scrolling past ignorant posts, ridiculous drama or non-interesting articles?  There are so many ways we can make our time on the apps fruitful and simply around what we want to see, let’s go through a few of them.

You have probably gained many “friends” on and LinkedIn connections, followed many people and businesses on twitter and the like and now your newsfeed is a large craziness of scrolling until you find the people/businesses you genuinely have interest over.  The good news is that it isn’t too time consuming, let me show you how!

Each time you see something in your newsfeed from people you don’t really want to know, or completely irrelevant posts, you can hide them from your newsfeed, simply hover to the top right of that page and select the options.  You can select unfollow from people on Facebook and still remain a fan or be friends with that person.

You could take it a step further and simply scroll through your friends list and liked pages and start de-friending or unfollowing.

Did you know you could mute people on your twitter feed?

You may simply have different priorities now with the businesses and groups that you follow.  For those of super high interest, ensure to mark them as posting on your notifications or newsfeed.  All generally with the drop down arrow!  Simple right!

For some of you, defriending or unfollowing people can create anxiety, it’s the social perception that you have to carry around everyone you have ever friended or followed forever online.  Forgive yourself for being more selective and personal in your online interactions.  Remember you own your space!



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