Do you name someone your best friend?

It’s national best friend day today. It got me thinking who my best friend is.  Is it my husband who I can talk to about the most incredibly pointless and incredibly perfectly important? Is it the friend who we have a mutually supportive shoulders and houses and treat like family? 

What makes someone your “best” friend and why on earth do we, past the age of 15, label anyone this way?

To me, all my friends are people who we can be authentically ourselves. We can share our hopes and dreams and celebrate and commiserate our challenges and successes with. Who you share similarities and mutually ignite each other’s energy with love, laughter and joy! 

Anyone else is an acquaintance, someone sharing your space temporarily for a reason or a season.

All our welcome in my life as I hope to help others grow and welcome others to help me be a better person 😃

Here’s to having fabulous people in our lives! I Thankyou for sharing in mine 


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