Mission – Date Yourself!


Do you have a relationship with yourself, is it a truly defining relationship that you can count on forever?  We spend the time trying to find the perfect friend, work colleague, relationship, someone else to fulfil us.  Well hear this!  YOU are the one!  You are cultivating and giving attention, thought and care into putting others into your priorities.  You need to have a real-life romance with yourself.    

So here is your mission, to take time out for yourself and arrange a date with just YOU!

Prepare yourself for the fun experience just like you would with others!  Do you shower, shave, put on your favourite makeup and do you hair all nice for you?  Do you wear something fun that makes you feel awesome and shows off your personality?  Who are you presenting to the world?  Who are you presenting to yourself when you look in the mirror?

Tell people that you are going on a date with yourself!  Share that you are excited to spend time with yourself and get to know yourself!

Make a plan, where will you go?  Schedule the date in now!

Give yourself a gift!  Flowers candy, jewellery, a card to yourself.

Make sure you give positive talk, just like on a date, would you talk about your woes?  Focus on the positive it yields better results.  One of the best things about a self-date, is not having to go through awkward small talk.  You don’t have to be worried if they are having a good time…you are self-approving, you feel comfortable around yourself, you can talk to yourself without being judged, you like the bands that you like. 

Over the next few Saturdays, I will be posting different date ideas you can have with yourself and how to prepare yourself for your own self love date!  Here are just a few to get the ball rolling

Coffee Date, Lunch-date, Photoshoot, Paint Night, Make and Take, Local Seminar, Walk around an art gallery, cooking class, day at the mall, Movies, Tea.  Go make that date with yourself. YOU deserve it!

What time with yourself have you spent that you would recommend to others?  Be sure to share your ideas, share what date you took yourself on this month!


Ella is your Productivity Coach from How To Organize That taking you from busy to productive for your Business, Community and your Family.  An NLP Practitioner, Personal Centered Counsellor, Life Coach and 18 years in the Learning and Development Industry.  Click for more details on how you can re-claim your time with us.  Join us on Facebook



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