You don’t have to do it all!


I simply can’t do it all! I need more time with my family and to carve out ME time. Sound familiar?

You need more support but feel it’s out of reach. Outsourcing is increasingly a popular option favoured by those who see it as a time-creating solution for completing necessary, but low-value tasks around the home.  “But why would I pay someone to do tasks, errands and chores that I can do myself? Does this even make financial sense?”

The answer comes down to the price you put on creating time.  Outsourcing is about making time your priority, through outsourcing tasks, chores and errands, you’re making time more valuable than whatever it is costing you to get someone else to do it for you”.  Outsourcing makes sense when; an expert can do it faster, they will do it while you are at work or while you’re doing something that is more important to you, it is affordable or if it’s a chore you dislike.  You need to ask yourself if the emotional, mental, productivity and health benefits of outsourcing are more important to you than the cost of outsourcing.

Not having to think about these tasks and chores, knowing they are being completed, is incredibly liberating. It leaves space for more important things, like time with family, time with friends….ME time.  This is especially true if it’s something frustrating.  For instance, sure you can now pre-order your groceries and arrange a pick up time at your local grocer, but the put away, the organization of the pantry and the fridge are messy, time-consuming tasks. The hidden benefit of outsourcing your grocery shopping to the person who has overseen the organization of your kitchen, pantry and fridge, is groceries are purchased based on what is needed rather than what you think is needed, and this can translate into savings on another front.

Another phenomenon is the “sandwich” generation. A working mom who has not only her own children to care for, she is increasingly responsible for the day to day care of her parent(s).   Ultimately, time is being eaten up more than ever before. Outsourcing offers relief, either in the home of the mom or as a service purchased for the parent’s household.

Trying to be everything to everyone – being a supermom, a perfect partner, being a model employee, and having a spotless and organized home at all times, is impossible.  The more we try to attain the unattainable, the more stress and unhappiness we can feel in our lives.  As women, we often take on the weight of the world to the detriment of our own health and well-being which ultimately doesn’t allow us to reach our full potential.  Outsourcing some of the household tasks is a solution that many women are now embracing for this very reason.

Guest Bloggers; Heather Johnson and Karen Hudson are co-owners of HouseLife.  HouseLife is an affordable personal assistant service that’s here to lighten your life. With bonded, trained and flexible HouseLife Personal Assistants they will free up your time so you can focus on what is most important to you.




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