Get the Music Flowing!


Have you ever noticed that the first few bars of a song can transport your mind back to the past to another time in your life…a good or a bad memory?

Not only that singing creates super charged brain activity in both sides of the brain (rarity)  meaning that you are exercising your brain muscle more than normal which is why it feels great!

Music can shift your mood completely and very very quickly, generally because it requires no real mental processing which is why its used so much in therapy!

So I’m encouraging you right now to go back to your music tastes and have a good sing song and get those feel good hormones flowing!

Have a fabulously musically enhanced day everyone!

Enjoy the link to my favorite music era the 80’s and 90’s!


Ella is your Productivity Coach from How To Organize That taking you from busy to productive for your Business, Community and your Family.  An NLP Practitioner, Personal Centered Counsellor, Life Coach and 18 years in the Learning and Development Industry.  Click for more details on how you can re-claim your time with us.  Join us on facebook for more productive ideas.




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