Solo Dating – Breakfast


Do you start your day eating right?  So you may have to set your alarm a little earlier, but I challenge you to go eat breakfast somewhere before your day starts.  You are a lot less likely to be eating amongst couples so great if you aren’t super comfortable with eating alone.  Choose one that is on the way to where you start your day.

We all know that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…let me tell you why.

If you skip breakfast it throws off your body’s rhythm.  You need to get fuel from food, otherwise you will have no energy and you will be more likely to overeat in the day. 

It actually kick-starts your metabolism which give you a super boost of energy and helps you burn calories throughout the day.  Studies have linked eating breakfast to better memory and concentration amongst other health benefits…so what do you have to lose?


Ella is your Productivity Coach from How To Organize That taking you from busy to productive for your Business, Community and your Family.  An NLP Practitioner, Personal Centered Counsellor, Life Coach and 18 years in the Learning and Development Industry.  Click for more details on how you can re-claim your time with us.  Join us on facebook for more productive ideas.



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