Forgiveness Opens Your Heart to Receive Love


The title says it all. The importance of forgiving is that when we withhold love from someone else we withhold love from our self, it’s involuntary.  When we withhold love from our self we suffer from feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy or bitterness. It could be some or all, it doesn’t matter, these are all fear based and they eat away us, draining our energy. It affects everything and everyone around us whether we realize it or not.

Traditional forgiveness is known to be difficult and that’s because it’s based on conflicting ideas; the desire to forgive does not balance out with the need to condemn because something wrong happened.  This is why people may need therapy to forgive something serious or most times we just try to deal with it the best we can and push the feelings down. The feelings need to go somewhere because they are energy too, you can’t get rid of energy, only transform it.  So these painful feelings become either repressed or suppressed in our body and the emotional pain stays with us. We are stuck in a victim consciousness.

The consequences to not forgiving others and self are very costly.  Here’s the breakdown: when we are carrying around emotional pain it gets stuck in our body, along with our associated victim and perpetrator stories.  It takes energy to hold on to them therefore our energy is diverted from our present moment.

The more repressed the pain and stories are the more energy it takes to keep them there. When so much of our energy is diverted to our pain we have little left in our now, and this is where all of our power is! Just think about it, when we are in this victim consciousness we have little energy to make changes, pull ourselves out of our funk, have better relationships, build a successful business…. we are left depleted and become the effect in a cause and effect world.

This is why these people struggle, it’s not that they don’t want to make positive changes and feel better; they don’t have enough energy to do it!

It’s also important to note that the longer the emotional pain stays stuck in our body it will eventually move deeper into our physical body and could come out as disease, especially auto-immune diseases such as Cancer.  If we can transform the painful energy before it goes too deep into our body we can avoid this from happening.  It’s not a cure but it’s a preventative practice physically, mentally and emotionally.

So if traditional forgiveness doesn’t work and not forgiving is so costly what do we do!?

We have to get radical! This is where Radical Forgiveness comes in.

Radical Forgiveness, created by Colin Tipping, is easy to do by almost anyone, it follows a step by step process and no therapy is required! It works like magic and it’s permanent with one secret ingredient.

The concept is that if we could see the spiritual big picture (which we can’t) we would realize that everything that happens TO us is happening FOR us, , there are no exceptions and no accidents!

I realize that some people may not agree with this and I have great news, you don’t have to!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience; we use our 5 senses to determine what is real to us. Most of us have a strong suspicion there is something else going on, a bigger picture, however our consciousness is not there yet so it’s not easy to believe in fully.

I’m happy to report that for Radical Forgiveness to work there is no belief necessary; you just need the secret ingredient which is Willingness!

That’s right; you only need to be willing to be open to the possibility that it might be true!

See all the wiggle room you have here? It works for the skeptic just as well and it works with any religious or spiritual belief system. The only people it won’t work for are those who don’t believe in a higher power of some kind.

Just be willing to be open to the possibility it might be true that nothing wrong happened and it was all purposeful, and then trust the process. That’s all that’s required and we can reap the benefits it brings us which are more energy, feeling lighter, at peace, happier, better relationships with others and ourselves…..the list goes on and on, but basically Radical Forgiveness brings us from the fear vibration to the love vibration.

So how do you do it?  Radical Forgiveness has 5 Stages called The Tipping Method ™, and here’s a short description of what they are. These stages are incorporated into all of the Radical Forgiveness technology.

Stage 1: Telling the Story

We tell our story to a compassionate listener who honours it to be our truth as we see it in that moment.  We might be our own listener if we are doing a RF worksheet. Transforming our pain can only occur if we have had our story witnessed and validated.

Stage 2: Feeling our Feelings

We must get in touch with our feelings that created this victim story in the first place. We don’t need to stay in them; feel them, own them (no one can make us feel anything), love them and accept them! All of them!

Stage 3: Collapsing the Story

This is where we start looking at the story from the other person’s point of view and if that doesn’t help we can also look at it from the point of view that we suspect there’s more going on than meets the eye. Because our consciousness isn’t there yet we can entertain the idea that something bigger than what we can see may be going on. This starts to take the energy away from the story, however we are still the victim here. This is where traditional forgiveness ends.

Stage 4: Re-framing the Story

This is where Radical Forgiveness begins and the tiniest amount of willingness is the only requirement. We are now looking at the situation from the new story, (the spiritual big picture) nothing wrong happened, our soul came here to experience this pain in order to learn and grow, to balance out karmic energies, or to help fulfill a mission. Whatever it is, we will never fully understand and we need to give up the need to know the why and the how. ‘Fake it until you make it’ is the key here and it works if you are willing!

Stage 5: Integrating the Story

Our victim story lives in every cell of our body so in order to integrate the new story (the transformed energies of gratitude, appreciation, grace etc.) we need to do something physical.  The RF worksheet is written and read out loud, the RF 13 Steps audio has us answer 13 questions out loud and the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony has us walking across the healing circle. Breath work is another integration we use in the 7 Step Satori Process. All Radical Forgiveness technology has physical components to it so the transformed energy is permanent.

That’s it; to easily forgive you need to get radical! It completely changed my life and it can change yours too!


Guest Blogger – Lorree Appleby was a people pleaser turned co-dependent. After enduring years of stress, burn-out and losing her identity she took responsibility for her life by forgiving her past and herself.  Lorree’s journey led her towards her purpose and is now certified as a Radical Living Master Coach specializing in forgiveness. Loree offers a free workbook.  Lorree is also a Certified Assertiveness Coach, an Empath and an Intuitive Light Worker. Her mission is to help open as many hearts as she can to prepare for our Earth’s ascension.   Read more here

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