Be Inspired


When was the last time something inspired you, I mean the ‘get out of your seat and take action’ kind of inspired?  Did you share how inspiring that was?

Do you read?  There are so many inspiring books to read out there.  I am not just talking about the self-help books either.  I recently put a status out there for people to tell me about books that inspired them, we had children’s fictional books like Wind in the Willows and Roald Dahls books as they held so many great Morales.  Maybe you’ve read a biography where someone had such a lifechanging experience, you were inspired to do things on your bucket list?  More often than not, you will find in your local library a staff selection pick of books that inspired them and if they don’t?  The staff are always more than happy to point you in the direction of books that changed their life!

When was the last time you watched a movie that (excuse the pun) ‘moved you’?  We all have those favorite movies, movies that have a story about people overcoming adversity, adopting children, being strong in a dark time.  Grab a movie today that inspires you and let other people’s stories change your life!

PLUS Be inspiring!

Some of us don’t believe that we have a story that expires, I can assure you that you DO!  We all face different exciting adventures and challenges in our life that to others seem feats of impossible!  Share your story, inspire others with your strengths! 

Get out there today and be inspired!


Ella is your Productivity Coach from How To Organize That taking you from busy to productive for your Business, Community and your Family.  An NLP Practitioner, Personal Centered Counsellor, Life Coach and 18 years in the Learning and Development Industry.  Click for more details on how you can re-claim your time with us.  Join us on facebook for more productive ideas.




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