Claim your Chic & Beautiful Life


Did you know 81% of experts believe having a good relationship with yourself is one of the most important factors in a happy life?

Want to be happy? Love Yourself First!

Imagine being free to live your life on your own terms, doing what made you happy every single day?

What would that feel and look like for you?

What if your dream life is already here and all you need to do is to activate it?

It’s a radical concept:

You can start Living Your Dream Life–Right Here, Right Now.

Your real dream—the one you keep hidden deep inside you—is sacred.

And incredibly important.

Whether you dream of…

  •   Working 20 hours a week in a virtual business that allows you to live anywhere in the world.
  •   Having enough money to travel and take plenty of vacations with family and friends.
  •   Napping in the afternoon with zero guilt and spending more quality time with your kids.

…there’s a beautiful, profound reason you want it.

The key is to get super clear on YOUR dreams and then create a customized and practical plan of action so you can live them right now.

Secret # 1:

Your soul ALREADY KNOWS what you desire + the exact lifestyle that will allow you to live your dreams.

But it’s up to you to take action on it.

So what is your juicy vision? What do you want to do, be and have?

Depending on the nature of your goal, vision or dream, at some point that nasty bitch is sure to raise her ugly head. You know that little voice that tries to hold us back.

The voice of fear and doubt that tells us we don’t deserve what we desire, we might fail and well we just might not be good enough. I call this stinking thinking!

In your quiet moments, what do you think about?  How far you’ve come, or how far you have to go?  Your strengths or your weaknesses?  The best that might happen, or the worst that might come to be?  In your quiet moments, pay attention to your thoughts.

Because maybe, just maybe, the only thing that needs to shift in order for you to experience more happiness, more love, and more vitality, is your way of thinking.

Secret #2:

Go deep be courageous and dance with fear.

Fear is an opportunity for self-discovery and self-growth it is the gateway from wishing and wanting to doing and being.”

When we begin to shift those fear based perceptions to love…then we can make bliss happen!  Being mindful of what you think, feel and want and living your life in ways that truly reflect that will ensure success.

But I just don’t know where to start. If you are all too familiar with the experience of overwhelm or with feeling unclear about what’s next in your life ~ guess what you are not alone.

Secret #3:

Soul aligned clarity rocks. If it’s not a sacred yes; it’s got to be an honoring no.

Decisions, Baby steps, Massive leaps, It’s all important.

Clarity comes when we allow ourselves to experience the pain of surpressed emotions, when we witness the chatter racing through our minds and learn to choose how we respond to life.

If you want to step fully into your power, ask yourself this question before you take any kind of action or make any decision:

What would I do if I completely owned and embraced my full power right now?

Secret #4:

Declare Your Superpowers! Your quality of life is a direct reflection of the quality of your choices!

People who love themselves know what they think, feel, want. They are mindful of whom they are and act on this knowledge, rather than on what others want for them. They make their happiness a priority and know they are worth it!

It takes faith and courage to stand up and say out loud that you deserve better.

What would make your life more deliciously radiant and why?  What do you need?

Secret #5: Take control! Give yourself permission to set and maintain better boundaries.

Think about events or circumstances over which you would like more genuine control.

Control means managing them better, reducing their unhealthy impact or eliminating them entirely. List these circumstances and write a brief description beside each of why it is important to you and exactly what it is you can or cannot control about it.

Look for patterns on the list. Do certain people keep reappearing in the scenarios? What is the overall healthy or unhealthy impact on your well-being?

Reflect on exactly what is causing these patterns and write down your thoughts

Secret #6: Decide where to take action; Eliminate so YOU can Illuminate

Recognize that you have two key alternatives: either you will take firm action on controlling, reducing or eliminating stressful life circumstances, or you won’t. It’s as simple as that!

By consciously choosing and committing to take affirmative action on the life events that you can control, you are setting out on a helpful and healthy course that will lead to better outcomes.

Admitting that there are some circumstances that you can’t do anything about, means you are choosing not to fight the impossible. Instead, you are choosing to let these stresses go and to focus your energy on things you can do something about. 

Make an Action Plan

Change is inevitable so being better prepared for its arrival can go a long way in helping you not only balance your priorities, but also, your overall ability to manage the impact of the circumstances on not only your own well-being but also for those around you too.

Secret #7: Create daily practices and rituals that nourish your mind, body and soul.

Self-love translates to total self- care. Although self-care is unique, for everyone it demands intentional actions to maintain optimum physical, mental and emotional health. You love yourself more when you take care of your basic needs.

Claiming your chic + beautiful life is about tapping into your divine feminine so you can shine with authentic, radiant beauty and enthusiasm for life. Recognize that looking and feeling your best isn’t a selfish act of vanity; it’s about expressing love for yourself by showing up in the world as the BEST possible version of YOU.

If you’re ready to access your superpowers, own your desires + rock your life; then I challenge you to ask yourself; “What’s one thing I can start doing NOW that will get me closer to my ideal?” Then start doing it.


Guest Blogger: Amanda Willett is a Self-Love Activist, Desire Map Facilitator and Life-Style Expert who mentors women globally on re-aligning themselves for true success and happiness. An acclaimed speaker, and author, Amanda has supported, coached and spoken for women’s groups, corporations and non-profits around the world.  More than anything in the world, she cares about inspiring a movement, where women are free to fall in love with themselves + create heart-driven clarity on what sets their soul on fire, so they are free to live a beautiful life.





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