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Dawn, Bowmanville 2016

With a busy family of 7, they wanted a simple meal plan structured around everyones tastes and dietary requirements that could fit into their busy day to provide them with more time to spend together enjoying family time.

From Dawn…..It was such a relief to have Ella come over and give us some tips on snacks and meal prep! We’re so busy with our big family, that it was challenging to have food ready on time for everyone to get to their activities. With everything she’s taught us, I’ve been able to fill my children up, which has cut down on wasted food, choose healthier snacks and meals, and have options for any of us on a lower calorie diet, or anyone who just isn’t “feeling” what the rest of us are. And no one has needed to eat from a drive thru, on their way to any activities! Thanks Ella!

Meal Planning

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Kristen Lake - Filing System

Kristen & Family, Hampton 2016

We looked at the flow of how the receipts end up from the store into the house.  Together we created a system that worked for a contractor using a combination of paper receipts and an app with the receipt system being stored in the truck in a more robust folder.

From Kristen Ella came into our home with confidence that she could help with our paperwork and clutter.  She figured out a quick solution that was simple and effective, so quick that we had time to tackle some more areas of the household!

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Kristen, Hampton 2016

We had more time within the paid allotment so we looked at other areas that Kristen and her family found challenging.  We tackled three surfaces and the junk drawer.  The recycled bin was not hungry that day.

From Kristen Who knew how easy it was to tackle the clutter, the whole household feels less compelled to leave clutter on the surfaces now as we have more space to cook, paint, create, sit and eat its awesome.  It gave me a sense of control in our busy lives!



Meghan, Oshawa

We look at the mirror everyday. We look at it while brushing our teeth, doing our hair, applying make-up, in preparation for a selfie…the list goes on and on. When was the last time you actually looked in the mirror, not at what’s reflected…look at what’s in the mirror. That person, you! You are IN the mirror!
Now picture yourself, not looking at the mirror but using the mirror to discover what is IN you. Beneath all the make up, selfies and societal expectations, (for me it was, mom, wife, manager, sister, daughter, friend. It was never a reflection of just me!).
In my meeting with Ella, she held a mirror (metaphorically) up in front of me. Reflecting back to myself all the woes, questions and concerns I was seeking answers for. The answers are within in each of us. The goal is to find people who guide us in our journey of our own self discovery. Ella did that with me. She allowed me the time to hear my own words. To answer questions that reflected my wants, needs and desires. She helped me to filter out the static noise of my dependents and my day to day life obligations to allow me to really hear myself. Me, worthy, catastrophizing, caring, loving, unable to receive help, work bored, travel hungry, ME!
If you are already feeling lost, honestly, you’ve got nothing else to lose. Take the time for yourself and spend sometime with Ella. Allow her to hold up a mirror in front of you. My bet is that you start out looking AT it and wind up looking IN it, and when that finally happens…I bet you are smiling 😊