Clothes can be one of the more challenging areas next to sentimental, firstly because of the scarcity mentality (what if I don’t have…..).  Secondly because there is generally an attachment of some kind.    Attachments can vary from “when I lose/gain the weight”,  I just need to purchase something that matches”, “I spent a lot of money on this”, “what if I don’t have enough to wear?”

Warning – may take more than 30 minutes – you may want a friend to help.  Not only is it great to get a second opinion, they can keep you disciplined and also it can be so much more fun!


We are going to deal with clothes in your closet.  Only in your closet.  Under client review, we would have taken clothes from everywhere they belong in the house, you may follow the same process.

Clear the bed and the floor and place ALL your clothes from your closet onto the bed.

Immediately, without sitting and reminiscing about the beautiful pair of jeans you forgot you had, make three piles.  Definite, Dump or Don’t Know and take action with each piece.  Ask yourself this, would you buy it again if you saw it in the store?

Take all the definite and place back into your closet.

Dump the items in the dump it box, straight away!  You may otherwise see yourself sneaking items out, get it out of sight.  Similarly with the donate it box, place it in bags/boxes where you cannot see the items.  If you can, take it to the donation center as soon as possible.  Get that clutter OUT once and for all.

Being able to visualize an outfit without having to force your way into the closet can be liberating.  Knowing that what you have is what you want and what you want only is satisfying.

Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, enjoy your cleaned out closet.

Happy De-Cluttering

Ella Bates – Your Organizing Coach


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